Outside Only $8.00
Inside/Outside Cars $15.00
Inside/Outside Small Trucks $20.00
Inside/Outside Large Trucks $25.00

Come back home to a nice clean car

Why wait for your car to be washed? Now when you park at Alabama Airport Parking, you can have your car detailed while you are out of town. No waiting in line. We wait and wash your car right before you get back in, so that you step off the plane into a nice clean car. A full car wash includes a complete vacuuming of the inside along with wiping down all of the interior upholstery and windows.

Terms of Service

Alabama Airport Parking charges $9.00 for each 24 hour period that your vehicle remains on our lot. We allow for a three hour grace period in the event that you return just a few hours past your departure time. There are no additional taxes or fees. We except all major credit cards and personal checks. Payment is due when you return from your trip. Additional terms and conditions are included on the claim ticket that is issued to you when you park.